The best low maintenance plants for your landscape design

Low Maintenance Design

Why are my plants withering and dying? All the fertiliser and water in the world will not help a gardenia that’s been planted beneath a large tree, in fact a common cause of plant death occurs when a gardener panics in seeing their plant in distress and then with good intentions, overwaters and over fertilises […]

The Best Lawn for Low Maintenance Gardening

Lawn Landscaping

Are you spending far too much money on your water bill?  Do you find that freshly cut lawn look only lasts a few days?  Is your lawn requiring far too much time on weed control? A well kept lush and green lawn can be a wonderful playground and a spectacular look for your landscaped garden. […]

Landscaper’s Guide to Garden Mulching

Garden Mulching

Have you ever walked past a showstopping garden and thought… How do their plants look so healthy, vibrant and spectacular? Why aren’t my plants anything like that? If the plants in your garden are surviving instead of thriving, then you may be missing the fastest solution to a gorgeous garden. A magical thing called mulch […]

How to Landscape your Garden for Low Maintenance Living

Brighton Landscaping Project

You’re busy juggling work, kids and family life and the last thing you need is to be sweeping leaves, weeding the garden or watering the garden. If you’re lucky enough to have irrigation, then maybe you spend more time fixing the sprinklers where dogs dug than actually benefiting from seeing them work. This is what […]