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Our landscaping ranges from simple planting projects to full front and back-yard construction make-overs. Whether you’re laying turf, installing irrigation or creating a veggie patch, we can help you make it a success.

Our landscaping

services includes:

Front Yard Landscaping

Your front yard is the first impression of your home, when you pull up after a busy day at work you want to see a lush green lawn, thriving plants and beautiful design. But often you’ve inherited a front yard with poor design, withering grass and mismatched planting. 

So what can you do? Our specialist team are experienced in designing, planning and installing a front yard that fits with your lifestyle, from a low maintenance design to complex high end landscaping.

Front yard Landscaping
low maintenance landscaping - 2 men and a shovel - melbourne

Back Yard Landscaping

You want to relax and enjoy your backyard, whether that’s playing with the kids, entertaining friends or simply chilling by the pool. Our team focuses on your priorities when it comes to landscaping your backyard, creating multi-functional areas that will complement the way you want to connect, relax and socialise. 

We specialise in practical low maintenance garden design that will maximise your recreation time and minimise your work in the garden.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Landscaping your garden isn’t about creating fussy, hard to maintain spaces, but using strategic planting and design knowledge to create low maintenance areas you’ll love. Our team have experience in 5 key areas of low- maintenance landscaping including:

Even if you’re on a budget we can help you make simple and quick changes, to create the best low maintenance garden for your lifestyle.

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Our Promise to You

Best Practices

We guarantee the best practices for optimum results.  Our Team has experience, knowledge and the back up of qualifications in this field.


We listen and work with you to achieve long term goals for your garden.  Whether that be maintenance, a garden rejuvenation or landscaping. 

Landscape Construction - 2 Men and A Shovel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you don’t have to worry about a thing, every plant that we put into the ground comes with a 12 month warranty. 2 Men and a Shovel has full public liability insurance so you have peace of mind.

Estimates that exceed $2000 total require a 50% deposit payment prior to starting the work.

When it comes to selling your house you’re always balancing your budget! Chances are you want to make some improvements to get the best sale price for your home, without losing sight of the return on your investment.

The biggest challenge for home owners when doing a pre sale garden makeover is knowing where to spend those precious dollars:

  • Do you focus on the front yard?
  • What about those ugly corners?
  • What plants give you the best bang for your buck?
  • And how can you level up your garden from ordinary to extraordinary?


Often landscaping is the last thing you think about, but it can be the greatest return on investment. You can make a big impact with a relatively small budget, and create a wow factor that really improves first impressions with these 4 simple tips.

  1. Landscape to attract the right buyer 
  2. Create an Stunning First Impression
  3. Cleanup and be creative with those forgotten corners
  4. Add the winning finishing touches


If your keen to learn more then check out our blog on landscaping and garden makeover tips for selling your property.

Low maintenance lawn care begins with choice of turf at the time of landscape design and construction.  There are several main lawn types to choose from so it’s important to pick the one that’s right for you that will give you back your precious time. 

  • Buffalo – The very popular Buffalo lawn is a great choice for a low maintenance garden.  Most of the time we will recommend this lawn for anyone who wants an easy lawn as it requires less mowing and nitrogen than Kikuyu and Couch grass.
  • Tif tuf – Tif Tuf is a fantastic new couch grass variety that has been created to provide a tough lawn that also has the ability to cope in less sunny positions. It is a fast growing grass that needs to be mowed once or twice per week, and has invasive runners that can sprawl out into garden beds.  
  • Kikuyu – Kikuyu is a tough and fast growing lawn.  It is great for high traffic areas and is commonly found in large commercial spaces.  As it is fast growing it has greater mowing requirements than Buffalo turf.

Choosing the best plants for your landscape design that are low maintenance can save you time and stress later.  Incorrect plant choices can mean that the plants are working hard just to survive and you’re working hard just to keep them alive.  Your plant choices are your top time and cost savers, so if you want to take a deep dive, check out The Best Low Maintenance Plants for your Landscape Design.

Here’s a quick look at my top three tips to choosing low maintenance plants for your garden are:

  • Succulents survive well in harsh conditions and can adapt to low watering requirements.  This is because their leaves tend to store large amounts of water, providing an internal reservoir of slow release irrigation.
  • Natives are easier to care for than ornamentals like roses, azaleas, and gardenia’s.  After thousands of years acclimatizing and adapting to local conditions, your native plants are much hardier and require less watering, less fertilisation and less weeding.  They actually have developed a natural defence to local weed species, which means they do the weeding for you! 
  • Ground covering plants – a great low maintenance choice, once fully developed with a full coverage these hardy plants will naturally prevent weeds from growing. They cover the soil with such density that they block the sunlight from weeds attempting to grow beneath them. To really juice it up choose a native ground covering plant such as Creeping Boobialla (Myoporum Parvifolium).

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