Professional hedge trimming


If you want a beautiful lush dense hedge, then regular hedge trimming from a professional team is essential to get that classy look.

When it comes to your hedge, you may be struggling with a sparse look, patchy holes, poor shape or a leaning hedge. When it comes to well kept hedge, there are several factors that influence your results:

Hedge Trimming


If you need help with maintaining your hedges then 2 Men and a shovel are highly experienced and capable team

Popular questions

Every hedge may have slightly different requirements and growth rates which can also vary as we move through different seasons.  However we have found that trimming your hedge quarterly will it keep looking tidy and maintaining good health and density.  Some creepers such as Ficus Pumila and Muelhenbeckia grow quite fast and can need monthly trimming during the growing seasons.

Yes, 2 Men and a Shovel has full public liability insurance and is insured for liability and property damage up to $5,000,000 per incidence.

Direct debit payments make it easy for you to put your lawn care on set-and-forget. To get started we’ll send you an email to set your Direct Debit mandate in order to collect payment for future invoices automatically. Once this is set up, you won’t need to pay each invoice manually – we can take payment from your bank account automatically.You’ll be notified before each payment is taken and your payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment was ever taken in error.