Enjoy a thriving garden, without the hardwork.

Garden Maintenance - 2 Men and a Shovel

Want a gorgeous garden without the work?

Let us nourish your garden with regular maintenance so your weekends can be your own again.

Garden Maintenance is the total care of your garden, from maintaining your garden beds to keeping your plants healthy and disease free, trimming your hedges, pruning trees and shrubs, removing debris and leaves and clearing pathways and driveways. With this nurturing package you can watch your garden flourish without doing the heavy lifting yourself.

Our garden maintenance

service includes:

Seasonal Garden Maintenance

We understand that gardening maintenance varies with each season, and we take this into consideration to provide tailored care for our clients’ gardens year-round.

Garden Maintenance in Spring

Our Garden Maintenance Services are ideal for spring time. We’ll encourage growth in the areas you want to flourish, and maintain areas that have been neglected over winter. Spring is a busy time in the garden and with the weather improving you want to get out and enjoy your weekends, instead of spending them gardening.

That’s where we can help, whether you need a one-off garden maintenance for spring or an ongoing package, we are here to help.

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Lawn Mowing

Maintaining Your Summer Garden

During summer our maintenance is focused on hydration, troubleshooting and protecting your garden from the harsh conditions. We help you avoid the sorry sight of dry, brown and withered plants or lawn with regular care to ensure you have a thriving garden to enjoy.

Summer is a time for long leisurely weekends with the family (without sweating over the gardening). If you want the best maintenance service in Melbourne supporting your garden, then our team is here for you.

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Autumn Garden Maintenance

After a hot summer the change to a milder autumn climate means a perfect environment for plant and lawn growth, which means another busy time in the garden. Our garden maintenance services stay on top of the pruning and trimming requirements, while also managing the deciduous leaf drop that is so common on our Melbourne streets.
Our team will prepare your garden for winter, ensuring autumn debris is cleared before the winter rain and storms
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Autumn Garden Maintenance - 2 men and a shovel
Garden Maintenance Melbourne - 2 Men and A Shovel

Garden Maintenance for a Melbourne Winter

As your garden enters winter, our team takes advantage of this dormant season to tackle larger jobs. From a significant pruning for trees and shrubs to mulching, weed control and preparation for a good spring. Our garden maintenance services in winter can really set your garden up for success throughout the coming spring and summer.
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If you’re ready to enjoy a thriving garden without the hard-work, then it’s time to call 2 Men and a Shovel.

Frequently Asked Questions

The art to having a beautiful lush and dense hedge, comes down to positioning, correct environment and proper hedge trimming. To encourage new growth and promote a healthy hedge, you need to trim regularly with quality hedge trimmers, but knowing how much to take off is critical. As all hedges are different, it’s important to consult a gardening expert for specific advice, which is where we can help.

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Stripe automated credit card payments make it easy for you to put your garden maintenance on set-and-forget. To get started, simply pay the first invoice with your credit card and select the box to store your card for automated payments. Once this is set up, you won’t need to pay each invoice manually – stripe will take payment from your bank account automatically. You’ll be notified before each payment is taken and your payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment was ever taken in error.