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Simple Landscape Design - 2 Men and a Shovel

Need some ideas to build your garden?

Simple sketches and ideas for your landscape design.

A unique benefit to working with 2 Men and a Shovel is that we do provide a basic design service upfront at no cost.  If you’re looking for some guidance in designing landscapes that transform outdoor spaces into functional, low-maintenance, and/or colourful oases.

Our team can work with you to create a customized landscape sketch that reflects your style and desires for a landscaped garden.  From concept to execution, we prioritize open communication and attention to detail to ensure your landscape becomes a source of pride and joy.

Through this process, we will give advice on critical factors such as topography, sunlight exposure, existing vegetation, and structural wall requirements. With our skills, experience, and commitment to quality, we will bring your design to life, enhance your property’s value and provide a serene sanctuary for you to enjoy.

For a comprehensive landscape design service we have a team we work with to provide you with a more in-depth consultation to understand your vision, requirements, and budget in further detail if required.

Simple Landscape Design

Our landscaping design

services includes:

Our Promise to You

Best Practices

We guarantee the best practices for optimum results.  Our Team has experience, knowledge and the back up of qualifications in this field.


We listen and work with you to achieve long term goals for your garden.  Whether that be maintenance, a garden rejuvenation or landscaping. 

Pre-Sale Garden Makeover
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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we do not claim to be landscape designers, we have very good knowledge of local plants and will come to the quote with a catalogue of potential options that we can recommend.  Our suggestions will take into account local environment and soil condition, amount of shade, plant size and maintenance requirements. 

All invoices are due within 7 days of job completion.