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A great looking hedge doesn't look after itself!

If you want a beautiful lush dense hedge, then regular hedge trimming from a professional team is essential to get that classy look.
When it comes to your hedge, you may be struggling with a sparse look, patchy holes, poor shape or a leaning hedge. When it comes to well kept hedge, there are several factors that influence your results:

for different hedges

Low box shrub hedges

These hedges are a great way to create visual separation in your garden, enabling the landscape design to have varied and appealing features.
However, when left to their own devices, these hedges can become scrappy and unkept, detracting from the  original design vision.
Our team will ensure your hedge is well maintained and kept to a manageable size for your garden. We are experts in assessing your garden needs and making recommendations for light, pruning and feeding.

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Hedge Trimming - 2 Men and A Shovel
Topiary and decorative hedges trimming - Melbourne - 2 Men and a Shovel

Topiary and decorative hedges

Beautiful and impressive, these decorative hedges are a stunning feature in your landscape design, however they do require regular hedge trimming with a skilled hand.
Experienced in caring for Topiary hedges, spherical, egg or cone shapes being the most popular, our team will carefully and meticulously trim your hedge to create a uniform and balanced appearance.
When topiary and decorative hedges are well maintained with regular trimming they are a valuable asset on your property.
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Large Privacy Hedges

A large hedge is a valuable asset, it’s taken time to establish and thrive, so now you need to maintain and care for this beautiful garden feature.
When our team cares for a large hedge we consider the health of the trees, the shape and density. We also recommend underplanting to give visual variation and avoid monoplanting issues.
Our team are experienced in caring for large well established hedges and know that it is essential to pleetch the lower branches to accentuate the plants and bring more light into the lower garden beds.
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Privacy Hedge Trimming - Melbourne - 2 Men and a shovel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every hedge may have slightly different requirements and growth rates which can also vary as we move through different seasons.  However we have found that trimming your hedge quarterly will it keep looking tidy and maintaining good health and density.  Some creepers such as Ficus Pumila and Muelhenbeckia grow quite fast and can need monthly trimming during the growing seasons.

Direct debit payments make it easy for you to put your garden maintenance on set-and-forget. To get started we’ll send you an email to set your Direct Debit mandate in order to collect payment for future invoices automatically. Once this is set up, you won’t need to pay each invoice manually – we can take payment from your bank account automatically. You’ll be notified before each payment is taken and your payments are protected, so you’re guaranteed a refund if a payment was ever taken in error.