Has gardening got the better of you?

Has gardening got the better of you?

Tame your garden with an early spring prune and trim or end of autumn leaf clean-up.

If you need a quality, reliable green fingered crew who can take the hassle out of keeping your garden neat and tidy, then we’re a perfect fit. Choose a property clean-up for a one-off job, seasonal tree and shrub pruning or if your garden has got out-of-hand. We give the whole place a big clean-up so you can do the little jobs you prefer throughout the year.

Garden Restoration

If your garden is looking tired, over crowded or failing to thrive then a garden restoration is the perfect choice.
As your garden matures, your landscape changes. Plants begin to get overcrowded, so those that used to receive a good amount of light, can now be left in shade, causing signs of stress, such as reduced foliage and less resistance to pests and disease.
Our garden restoration team assesses your garden for health, balance and distribution of plants. With years of experience we can advise on which plants to remove, transplant or prune more heavily to bring in more light. We’ll also make recommendations for future planting decisions so your garden thrives.
Garden Restoration Service in Melbourne - 2 men and a shovel
Spring Garden Clean up - 2 Men and a Shovel - Melbourne

Spring Clean-Up

As spring approaches your garden suddenly takes-off, and before you know it, it’s getting out of control. A spring clean-up will prevent weeds overtaking your lawn and garden beds and keep the hedges and shrubs tightly trimmed so they are neat and sculpted for summer.
A spring garden clean up really gives your front and back yard a boost. Our team will clear all the hard surfaces, trim shrubs and hedges, prune and deadhead spent flowers and fertilise garden beds and lawns.
When your spring clean up is done well, your garden will be set-up for a great summer.

Autumn Clean-Up

As Autumn arrives your garden changes colour, and with it comes leaf dropping from large deciduous trees. Suddenly your garden goes from clean, tidy and green to messy, mulchy and filled with leaves. Whether they’re in the pool, on your shoes or simply littering your lawn, leaves can be an eyesore.
And leaves aren’t just unsightly, they give pests a palace to hide. Our Autumn Clean-Up team will change all that, transforming your garden to a tidy, leaf free zone. We’ll clear all the leaves from garden beds, lawns and driveways and will add some additional TLC to your garden care.
We’ll set your garden up for winter, fertilising your lawn, pruning any hydrangeas, lavender, rosemary and other tender plants. Finally we’ll remove debris so your garden is left spotless to enjoy.
Autumn Garden Clean up - 2 men and a shovel - melbourne

Get Started

If you’re ready to conquer the chaos, then it’s time to call 2 Men and a Shovel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we do not claim to be landscape designers, we have very good knowledge of local plants and will come to the quote with a catalogue of potential options that we can recommend.  Our suggestions will take into account local environment and soil condition, amount of shade, plant size and maintenance requirements. 

Yes, you don’t have to worry about a thing, we have a fully equipped team who have the latest garden and landscape power tools. 2 Men and a Shovel has full public liability insurance so you have peace of mind.
All invoices are due within 7 days of job completion.