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Once a landscape has been built, too often we see a decline in garden and soil structure health year on year.  Unless you have an experienced horticulturalist looking over your gardens, and understanding the role of nature and how it works, this may unfortunately be the case for your own garden.   

Generally, we find plants may not be in a suitable environment.  At the time of planting, there is usually soil full of compost however over time that compost will dissipate and the nutrient levels can be too low in the soil.  It gets to a point where just throwing in more fertiliser will not do the job.

Melbourne gardens can be so much better!  As part of our garden restoration, we will perform a soil test and create a plan as to how to begin building up the soil structure to create a better environment for your plants.   Usually, soil restoration will consist of composting, mulching, and other specific additives depending on the requirements of the specific soil structure.  We’ll also prune your plants for health and aesthetics and start to make any major pruning works for overgrown plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although we do not claim to be landscape designers, we have very good knowledge of local plants and will come to the quote with a catalogue of potential options that we can recommend.  Our suggestions will take into account local environment and soil condition, amount of shade, plant size and maintenance requirements. 

All invoices are due within 7 days of job completion.