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Are you looking for a cost effective solution to increase the value of your property?

Increase Property Value with Low-Cost Landscaping: When selling your house, striking a balance between improving your home and getting a good return on investment is crucial. Landscaping can offer an excellent return, making a big impact on first impressions without breaking the bank. Focus on the front yard, address forgotten corners, and consider the needs of different buyer markets, such as budget-friendly homes, classic family homes, and luxury properties.

By following these four simple tips, you can transform your garden: landscape to attract the right buyer, create a stunning first impression with lush lawns and beautiful beds, address forgotten corners, and add finishing touches like garden art and lighting. At 2 Men and a Shovel, we provide full landscaping services tailored to your needs and budget to help you maximize your property’s value.

For expert assistance in achieving a remarkable pre-sale garden makeover, contact us or call us. Our professional team specializes in creating low-cost landscaping solutions that increase property appeal and create a lasting impression for potential buyers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your home’s value and attract the right buyers with a beautifully transformed garden.

Our pre sale garden makeover

services includes:

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We guarantee the best practices for optimum results.  Our Team has experience, knowledge and the back up of qualifications in this field.


We listen and work with you to achieve long term goals for your garden.  Whether that be maintenance, a garden rejuvenation or landscaping. 

Pre-Sale Garden Makeover
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of annual blooming flowers can add great impact for a minimum cost. We have very good knowledge of local plants and will come to the quote with a catalogue of potential options that we can recommend.  Our suggestions will take into account local environment and soil condition, amount of shade, plant size and maintenance requirements. 

All invoices are due within 7 days of job completion.