Plant Care Insurance For Your Garden

Andrew Little

July 13, 2023

Plant Care – Insurance For Your Garden

Have your plants died and withered away?  Are your flowers not looking at their best?  Do insects flock to your azaleas and roses?  

When it comes to keeping your plants healthy and pest free, there are two areas to watch;

  1. Monoculture planting
  2. Soil quality

Pests and diseases are commonly found throughout Melbourne gardens.  The ever-increasing trend of monoculture plantings (single species planting) has meant an increased chance of pests overrunning your plants. 

Because there is not as much plant diversity in many gardens, this also means that there is not the same diversity of insects.  Nasty bugs like aphids, spider mites and psyllids are left to roam free and cause damage to the azalea’s, laurel’s, roses and lilly pilly’s, without as many of their natural predators in the vicinity.

So what’s the best defence against these pests?

Typically, great quality soils, suited for each particular plant type is the best defence against pest and disease.  The reason for this is that when a plant is established in the proper soil structure and preferred ph range it will easily flourish and thrive.  When a plant is strong and healthy it also increases the plant’s immunity to disease and resistance to pests. 


Unfortunately in our Melbourne gardens, we don’t always have the luxury of having the perfect soil for our plants.  There is no volcanic activity near Melbourne which means there is very little geological movement, leaving our soils tired and old, lacking the nutrition and water retention for a healthy garden. This results in an uphill struggle to improve soil quality enough to prevent pests.

So, how do we tackle pest control for our clients?

We have a secret weapon: garden insurance!

And no, I don’t mean the kind of insurance you pay in premiums each month, but the insurance that brings healthy plants and aphid-free roses to your garden. Our secret weapon is regular treatments of organic garden pest control. This toxin-free spray means your plants will no longer be prey to any nasty bugs and insects, even if they are in a monoculture-themed garden or have average soil. 

Our expert horticulturalist has over 40 years of experience and will constantly monitor and adjust the spray treatments every 4 weeks during the growing seasons from Spring through to mid-Autumn. This ensures that each garden gets the treatment tailored to its plants, pests and seasons.

If you want to protect your plants, then we can help. Our specialist can come to your property and selectively spray all the pest-affected and at-risk species. Because we use all organic products there is no harm to you, your garden or your pets. 

To book your Full Garden Pest Control treatment then call us on (03) 9013 6588 or contact us here.

When planting out gardens we can follow all the best practices to add in plentiful amounts of compost and other soil additives as required yet often we may be working from a poor foundation.