5 Landscaping Secrets To Makeover The Forgotten Garden Corners

Andrew Little

October 15, 2021

Garden Makeover

Do you have a forgotten garden corner?  Or messy areas down the side of your house? Maybe you’re at a loss with the wasted space behind the shed?

If any of this sounds familiar, then you need some inspiration to rejuvenate these forgotten corners in your yard. 

When we’re providing regular garden care for our clients, we often advise on how to improve neglected and ignored areas. These can be the unseen side of your house,  behind the shed, a weedy corner or a worn out fence. They’re often the places that secretly annoy you, but they’re in the too-hard basket to tackle.

Well today that’s all going to change as I share my low cost secrets to rejuvenate those forgotten corners in your garden.

Secret #1: Side of house walkways

Are you unsure how to design the pathways around the side of your house? 

The side of your property is usually a functional and practical space as it may not be used as much as the front or back yards.  For this reason it can be forgotten and left to be a haven for weeds and unruly mess.  A great option to tidy up the side of the house is to add decorative toppings such as tuscan toppings and dromana gravels.  Be sure to add a decent layer of crushed rock as a sub base to provide a solid foundation and durability, then at least 50mm of toppings.  This will provide a clean finish and make it much more difficult for those weeds to find a home. 

Garden Makeover

Secret #2: Tired old fences

Are your fences looking like they’ve seen better days? 

Timber fences can look a bit shabby as time goes on with weathering and sun damage.  A quick paint job may do the trick, as you can achieve a fresh and bright look immediately. However, if you want to add some greenery to a drab side walkway, utilise your fence for climbing plants such as star jasmine and mandevilla.  It’s a simple job to set up some metal rope trellis lines and your plants will do the rest, providing a beautiful and natural green wall.

Landscaping Trellis

Secret 3: Messy Back Corner

Maybe it’s turned into a junkyard? Or even just a few tired and old plants that are not adding to the wonder and glory of your garden?

A messy back corner may have old pots, other random storage items or even just struggling trees and shrubs. This can be an opportunity to clean out the space and construct a garden shed.  Having a garden shed will create space for organised storage.  Be sure to establish an appropriate foundation to meet the requirements of the size and structure of the shed.  To increase the shed’s aesthetic appeal, you can add flare to the design or use paint to bring the right colour to compliment its surroundings.

Secret 4: Unsightly Exposed Services

Do you have hot water, gas and other services that are an eyesore to the rest of your beautiful garden? 

These services are a blessing and provide comfort and ease which we can often take for granted.  Power, heat, cooling, water and more are thankfully directed into our homes 24/7, yet they certainly are not adding to the glamour of the outdoor space!  A useful and effective method to conceal the services is to install screening.  A timber lattice installed against 2 fence posts or ready made bamboo fencing are two popular options.  Creepers can be planted at the base to add more greenery or a well placed shrub or two can increase aesthetic appeal.

Landscape Screening

Secret 5: Bland and Sparse Courtyards

Do you feel a sense of dread or that something is lacking?

A broad and well paved area is fantastic and creates a low maintenance functional area, ideal for outdoor seating and tables.  Yet it’s important to maintain a balance in your garden and bring the right amount of greenery to create a joyful and peaceful feeling.  A great way to spice up heavily paved areas is to add pots.  Place in the corners by themselves or in a well balanced series of 3 different sized pots, a wonderful solution to fill a vacant paved space.

When we look after your garden, whether that’s with restoration, makeover or maintenance, we’ll always tackle those forgotten corners, so you can enjoy every aspect of your outdoor space (without any annoying niggles). 

Take a look at our garden makeover services all tailored to your needs and budget. And don’t forget if you want some help, get in touch here or give us a call on 9013 6588.