Garden Makeover to Create The Best Landscaping First Impression

Andrew Little

September 21, 2021

Grand Garden Entrance

We all know that all important first impressions can be the make or break for so many situations.  Whether it be a job interview, first date or a prospective buyer walking up to the front entrance of your property. Any small mistake can have big consequences when it comes to the wow factor of your front yard, from dirty pathways and unhealthy plants to poor colour blends, patchy grass and messy garden beds. These common issues can immediately lower the value of your property in the mind of the prospective buyer.  

On the other hand, with expert help and well thought out design you can stand out from the crowd with a showstopping first impression! 

The front outdoor entrance should build anticipation for what’s to come. There are many factors that go into creating a spectacular first impression and we are here to tell you all the do’s and the don’ts 


Our priority is to build excitement, anticipation and create a welcoming entrance.  There are many simple tasks that should be checked over before you think about adding new features. Here are 4 areas to focus on first:


Lawn rejuvenation works! Lawn often takes up a large amount of space in the garden so it must be kept to the highest standard.  Regular mowing of the lawn will promote health and give weeds less chance to take over.  Reseed patchy areas and begin weed control spray if necessary.  Also remember to fertilise in the growing seasons. 

Garden Makeover


Use paths to add structure and flow to your garden. Ensure the front pathway has been  pressure sprayed to leave a clean finish. If you don’t have the equipment you need it’s cost effective to hire or call us for a garden and paver clean-up.

Garden Beds 

Replace any dead plants, neatly prune plants (ensure not to go to hard so they look bare!), trim shrubs and hedges,  and mulch all garden beds (for more info on mulching, read the Landscapers Guide To Mulching).

Removal and Disposal  

You don’t want first impressions to suggest the garden looks neglected, so dispose of any tired and old features.  This may include old pots, letterboxes, lights, struggling plants.

Garden Features

Water features

To create a great front yard first impression, you don’t have to break the budget.  Many impressive and wonderful designs can be done without spending too much.  A simple way to achieve this is by incorporating outdoor features.  A simple water fountain placed in the right position can add interest and a lot of class.  


When attempting to maximise and uplift your front yard landscape the use of pots can be of great effect.  Pots are a fantastic option to fill a dead space or to create symmetry and a grand effect for your front entrance.  They come in all shapes and sizes and often it is wise to get them painted in order to match your property’s colour theme.


Another way to add interest is through the use of rocks.  This could be a well placed rock garden in a corner with beautiful ground cover plants draping across the front surrounding a lovely feature tree.  Or rocks and pebbles can be used as a border to pathways or garden edges to add another component to the design.

Rock Garden



Plant Choices 

Often it can be best to not overcomplicate things when it comes to planting.  Simple well spaced out plantings can create a feeling of peace and clarity in the minds of prospective buyers (try taking a leaf out of the Zen garden designs).


One of the most important aspects to your landscape design is to remember to choose colors that collaborate effectively with the colours of your home.  

The best way to do this is by choosing colours on the opposite spectrum of the color wheel.  Red is across from green, yellow is across from purple and orange is across from blue.  

Another colour choice is to use colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.  A garden full of pinks and purples looks good against the backdrop of a blue home.

Clean Lines and Garden Edging

When choosing the appropriate garden edging there are 2 things to keep in mind.

Firstly it is generally best to be consistent and choose one type of edging throughout the garden.  It does not look good to have 1 section in timber, another in steel and another in brick.  Keep it simple!  Choose one.

Garden Edging

Generally it is best to keep the garden edging inconspicuous.  It does not have to be the star of the show, its purpose is to create a barrier and clearly define sections of the garden.  Given that we are looking to boost our profits whilst keeping the costs down it’s often best to choose a thin timber edge. The timber can be painted to align with the colour theme.

We provide a garden makeover service, quoted according to your needs and budget. If you want some help, then get in touch here or give us a call on 9013 6588.