Landscaper’s Guide to Garden Mulching

Andrew Little

August 4, 2021

Garden Mulching

Have you ever walked past a showstopping garden and thought…

  • How do their plants look so healthy, vibrant and spectacular?
  • Why aren’t my plants anything like that?

If the plants in your garden are surviving instead of thriving, then you may be missing the fastest solution to a gorgeous garden.

A magical thing called mulch is the answer to your problems and the number 1 area to spend your $ and your time. Little effort creates big rewards, so you can see a thriving garden without having green fingers.

What is  Garden Mulch?

Mulch is a material spread around a plant over the soil surface as a protective layer. It’s commonly made from organic materials and is distributed across the soil in a 2-4 inch thickness.

Top 11 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden

Here are the top ten reasons landscape gardeners recommend mulching your garden.


Mulch helps to retain moisture in the soil for longer.  A thicker layer of mulch will slow down the effect of water evaporation from the soil.  It does this by shielding the soil from the sun and in doing so will greatly reduce your water bill, saving your plants and your wallet!

Garden Mulching


Mulch adds organic matter to the soil.  This will make your garden strong and healthy, leading to less pests and diseases.


Mulch provides more healthy nutrients for the soil.  In choosing a mulch variety that also incorporates manures and compost ingredients, this will help to really build up the quality of the soil and bring those good nutrients into your plants.


Mulch is a massive time saver on weeding.  Exposed soil is an open invitation declaring “Hey weeds, land available!  Make your home here”.   A good thick layer of 75-100mm of mulch will really make life hard for your common weeds.


If you’re hiring a landscape gardening contractor, mulch can save you a massive amount of money per year, as it will greatly reduce the amount of labour hours required to keep the weeds at bay.


Mulch increases biological activity in the soil.  Many friendly bugs and critters will love the new protective environment created by mulch.  These beneficial microorganisms and earthworms will do wonders for the quality and structure of the soil and good soil equals happy plants.


Mulch will protect the soil from freezing in the fairly rare occurrence of a Melbourne frost. This minimises plant damage and stress, keeping your garden conditions stable.


Mulch is always used prior to selling a property.  It provides a neat and clean visual aesthetic for the garden.  There are many different varieties and colours can be chosen to compliment the design of the property and garden.


Mulch improves soil conditions.  A commonly seen problem is hydrophobic soil. This is where a hard crusty layer forms on the soil surface which prevents water drainage and full hydration for plants. Adding mulch and a wetting agent is a powerful combination to fix hydrophobic soil.


Mulch prevents nutrients from leaching out of the soil, which means there’s more available for your plants.


Mulch is a great insulator.   By regulating the soil temperature it will help to keep the roots cool in summer and warm in winter, keeping your plants stable and thriving.

Garden Mulching

What Type of Mulch is Best for Your Garden?

Now that we have the knowledge and truly value our beautiful mulch for all its glory.  We can make a decision on the type of mulch to choose.

Bark chip mulch

bark chips are a great choice if you are selling your property and need a quick aesthetic fix.  Bark comes in different colours so that it can be used as a complement to the design of your property and landscape.

Poo mulch

Our recommendation for most other gardens is a mulch high in organic materials and manures.  This is the best of both worlds providing the multitude of benefits from a solid mulch coverage plus all the magical composting goodness which enriches the soil with healthy nutrients.


How Long Will Mulching Take?

Depending on the size of your garden, mulching can take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours to complete. That’s why many busy families ask us to help. We provide a full mulching service, quoted according to your needs and budget. If you want some help, then get in touch here or give us a call on 9013 6588.