The Best Lawn for Low Maintenance Gardening

Andrew Little

August 17, 2021

Lawn Mowing

Are you spending far too much money on your water bill?  Do you find that freshly cut lawn look only lasts a few days?  Is your lawn requiring far too much time on weed control?

A well kept lush and green lawn can be a wonderful playground and a spectacular look for your landscaped garden. However if it’s taking more time to maintain its premium quality than you can handle, then here are the best low maintenance lawn tips for time-poor families.

Lawn Mowing

Low Maintenance Lawns for Time Poor Families

Low maintenance lawn care begins with choice of turf at the time of landscape design and construction.  There are several main lawn types to choose from so it’s important to pick the one that’s best for you that will give you back your precious time.  


The very popular Buffalo lawn is a great choice for low maintenance and 95% of the time we will recommend this lawn for anyone who wants an easy lawn that stays green all year round. This soft leaf, wide blade grass is hardy and can have the best resilience to drought and shady conditions.  Buffalo lawns require less mowing and nitrogen than Kikuyu and Couch grass.  It is recommended to mow this lawn weekly in the growing seasons, however you can usually get away with fortnightly mows here in Melbourne 😉

Buffalo Turf

Tif Tuf 

Tif Tuf is a fantastic new couch grass variety that had been created to provide a tough lawn that also had some ability to cope in less sunny positions. Although it has this wonderful ability it still is a fast growing grass that will thrive and maintain an ideal appearance and health if mowed weekly or twice per week.  A word of caution though…the root systems are fast growing and this can mean a lot of work keeping the runners out of your garden beds.

Turf Melbourne


Kikuyu is a tough and fast growing lawn.  It is great for high traffic areas and is commonly found in large commercial spaces.  As it is fast growing it requires frequent mowing, but this isn’t a bad thing as it means it recovers and repairs patchy and worn areas quickly. This variety of lawn will do all its own work given the time and space, allowing you the time and space to do what you want!

Turf Melbourne

Sir Grange

Sir Grange is a Zoysia lawn variety which is very low maintenance.  The beauty about these lawns are that they have very slow growth habits, meaning less time pushing a mower back up and down.  Due to their slow growth, Sir Grange also has low watering requirements and less need for nitrogen fertilisation.  

All in all this is the perfect low maintenance lawn, however it really doesn’t thrive in the Melbourne gardening environment as it’s better suited in warmer climates. If you have a Sir Grange lawn in place, then give us a call for some specialist advice on how to care for it.


Thirsty Fescue is not an ideal choice for a low maintenance landscaped garden! Tall Fescue is not as fast growing as couch grass but man, it’s thirsty!  With huge watering requirements over summer this grass will not be friendly to your water bill. Be sure to feed it with regular fertilisation throughout the growing seasons, as it has high nitrogen requirements.  Grub and fungal issues can be a problem for this turf, so it’s best to stay on top of your lawn care plan for this grass.

If you have Fescue in your garden, then call us for an intensive care plan to ensure you have a thriving lawn all year round.

Premium Lawn Care Package

Another way to minimise your time caring for your lawn is with a lawn care plan that helps you stay on the front foot and avoid major problems. There are a number of preventative methods you can use to keep your lawn lush and green all year round.

Our tailored lawn care packages will ensure you have the best looking lawn on the street, with minimal effort. Let’s tailor a care package for your price and budget… 

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